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Gorgane ( Playable Race )

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Several days of messing with the look and feel I think I finally have something worth showing off. This will be the first playable race in the game. Their name is "Gorgane" and they are massive beasts created through the use of the source stone. They are mutated dwarves. Massive muscles and very slow beasts. They have incredible power but are very stupid, and because of this they are unable to use magical powers.

Aug 28 2012 12:42 PM
These guys will be an enemy to the players? Or are the recruitable?
Aug 28 2012 12:49 PM
They are a playable race. One of three primary ( and more to come as we develop ). The race is a slave race to to the dwarves. Created from the use of the source stone they are really just mutated dwarves. Their natural size and their form of creation makes them very good ( tank ) type of creatures. Their size makes the use of heavy armor improbable and thus they have developed natural hard skin over time.

They will be purchasable as guards for your castle/city, but at a very expensive rate. There is also a force of them ( rogue ) that have broken off from the main hordes in the dwarven cities. The rebel gorganes will raid a city from time to time, leaving massive destruction in their paths.

Their disabilities are their speed and inability to perform any level of magic other than the basics. Bit more than what you asked for... but I figured I would be thorough with my answer.
Sep 10 2012 06:07 AM
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