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Firballs can be fun!

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So this is the first real demonstration of our fireball skill. There sill be roughly 100 other skills you can choose from in the game but our first version will only have 10. We wanted to show off the new particle system and more or less give the players an Idea of what it would look like in a war type of situation. There are roughly 300 particles per fireball blast and I spammed close to 50 of them while maintaining a decent FPS and using fraps to record. If you have any thoughts or suggestions please let us know.

Aug 29 2012 04:08 AM
Will the fireballs or other skills have burn effects? Like lighting the ground or other objects on fire?
Nice background music too.
Aug 29 2012 04:14 AM
Yes, we do not have point lighting in yet though, we are having issues with differed rendering and creating the point light. Yes, it will also catch things on fire and it will do dmg to blocks on the ground. We are more or less working on the visual indicators right now. Thanks!
Sep 01 2012 10:50 AM
It would be cool to see trees on fire and then change into coal or ash. I am not sure how your crafting system is setup, but it would be interesting to have players use their abilities for crafting too.
Sep 01 2012 07:34 PM
That is something we are working on with the particle system. I want objects to be able to "ash out" like you see in blade and other movies. That will be one of the first things we work on once we get the creation of them. The reason for this is... the world is made of source energy and when something dies it dissipates into source.

Your ideas about spells is exactly what we thought as well. If you can use your finger to light up a tree why cant you use it to heat the stone into stone brick! all part of our crafting system :)
Sep 02 2012 08:39 PM
I have long thought about a game that can use tactical system in a way that is more complete. I am glad to hear that you share similar thoughts and after seeing your creative talent first hand I know you can pull off the visuals!
Excited to see more.

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