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GOD OF THE SKY! + Arrows!

Posted by , 08 September 2012 · 1,231 views

RuinValor Arrow Sky HDR SlimDX C# Voxel Minecraft Game Alpha
Posted Image

While creating the sky settings we found it was 100% needed to control these factors in game so we could see what we were doing to the world. Thus this system was created. This is a tool that will be available to the admins and to whoever you give "master" control to. This system will let you create custom sky/lighting colors and see them in game, once you get a desired setup you can click save and it will save the settings to an xml file for later use.

On top of this we have been working on getting arrows and other types of weapons into the game. Here is a link to the basic arrow:

Posted Image

Nice Graphics! I like the arrowhead, it has a made by hand look to it.
Old video removed, see newest comment for new video!
Unfortunately I can't view the video in Germany, some copyright crap about UMG.
ah, i will fix that. I had my music on in the background and I guess it picked that up... oops
Wow, did you write the physics?
No, we used a common lib for it. At some point when we get a physics guy we may overhaul it but for now the one we are using is very well done and supported by the guy who made it. He has helped us on numerous occasions.
I wonder how hard it would be to have the arrows stick into what they hit?
I am not sure how you are controlling it now, but it would be an interesting idea, bar it does not take more then a little bit of time.
oh yeah, this was just the original implementation. Right now they stick and the work as arrows should! :) I am also home and on my desktop so the quality of videos will turn into 1080p! :)

updated with the most recent version of the arrows

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