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In case you are wondering where I have been over the past week! I just returned home from my military deployment. Took some time to catch up on all the new games and have sat down to work again. This is the newest image for our gorgane model that we are working on. The body mesh has been completed and we are working on head variations now! I am excited to get this model in game and working.... and with that finalize a process that has long been overdue.

In other news we have started to work on the generation of objects as part of the world ( objects such as chests, doors, archways, statues ) This work will allow the player to create a more dynamic feel as they are not just limited to block types of squares. We are using a unique system where we convert the model/mesh into verts that are then generated by the code rather than loading an instance. This lets the block(s) created from this mesh load and work as if they are a block in the world; thus loading faster and working in a more smooth progression of loading and destruction.

On top of that, we have started the process of our augmentation system. You have not heard me discuss this previously because it was part of the crafting structure. ( which we are keeping under wraps until the UI elements are completed ) The augmentation process will allow you to modify your weapons/items based off of a slot system. You will be allowed up to three augmentations and each will modify the weapon in a different way. We will go over the different types of augmentations and materials in a later post. Just know that the process is more or less complete already and we are working to add it to the already amazing crafting suite.

Expect some new videos shortly ( and this time they will be 1080p ).

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