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SlimDX vs SharpDX

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Initially, we were not going to make the change, but it would seem SlimDX is losing support as it has not been updated in ages. That said, the same people who made it ( some of them anyway ) have moved onto the new SharpDX base. The best part of this is the new SharpDX setup allows for DX11.1 updates and already supports its functionality. This is monumental in several areas as it will allow for us to fully take advantage of the new tools on the street.

So, what have we already done since we converted ( which took about 1 day )?

The first task was to move the UI from its current state to a D2D method. By passing the rendering through this process we saved 180fps. With our previous system we would take a massive hit from 300fps to 100fps when a UI element was opened. Now, when we open a UI element we are getting 300fps to 292fps. This is just ONE of the changes that we have made in the two days that we have converted over.

So, if you are thinking of going with a SlimDX system you should really look into SharpDX instead. Good luck and I hope this post helps others who are starting out.

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