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RuinValor - Network Alpha Test

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Nothing special and the livestream recorded the mic way too loud... ill fix that for the next one!


its a simple test of our games network code. Figured I would share this since we have not had a post in some time. This build is lacking MOST of our content, the main reason why is because we are still getting all that content to work with the network side of the house. For now, we have just put in the basic block placement and block destruction functions. Over the course of this weekend we hope to add in more stuff such as the crafting, and player characters/names. This is an exciting milestone for us! I know right now it is very minecraftish... but that is again due to the lack of all the content we have that cant be added until we make it work with network code. For now... bare with us! Thanks in advance for watching.

Nov 22 2012 01:55 AM
Cool. Watched 5 minutes.
Nov 22 2012 02:05 AM
Thanks! we actually have added in player names, chat system, and polished all of the bugs that were there previously. Should have another event this weekend.

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