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Specular + Normal Maps + Writers

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This week we have been working hard at making the game pretty again. To do this we have started to redefine the code associated with specular maps and normal maps. You might say “this code was already in place” and at some point it was but during the transition from one codebase to another it got lost and more or less ignored. We have recently started to amp up the visuals so that when the kickstarter is in place players will see how elegant and sexy this game truly can look. In addition to these changes we have been working on the character creation process and skills for the game interaction. I will do another development post on that when we get closer to completion.

In other news we have added two new members to the team who will be writing lore/story for the game. They come from our local community and will be assisting in developing some of the more fine details associated with the games lore. Over the course of the next month you should see this site filled with information related to the game and its lore elements. We are very happy to have these two talented people aboard and hope that in the near future you will be happy with their work too. As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or any of the other members of the team. This should prove to be a rather interesting two months as we ramp up to full gear in preparation for our kickstarter launch.

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