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Humans Sketch + Cascaded Shadow maps

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Humans Sketch + Cascaded Shadow maps Artist made another sketch of the human race. The lowerbody is a bit out of order ( and he is working on fixing that today ) but otherwise I think it turned out well. This is one of the two body types for the human race. You will be able to have the bigger body version ( this one ) or the small body type which will be more nimble!

While we have been working on the art we have Telanor hitting a wall with cascaded shadow maps. Do any of you know any good tutorials for this? We have obviously done our research already and tried to find a few but we just cant seem to get them to work. We are using a deferred rendering system in combination with these shadows. Once we get this in place we are more or less done with all of the visuals elements needed and can start to work on the rest of the game content. Will keep you posted and as always I appreciate you reading and posting comments.

Feb 10 2013 09:31 AM

I like the idea of 2 different body types with the Human race.

As for the graphics issues, sadly that is not an area I excel in.

Feb 12 2013 06:34 AM

CSM isn't hard once you have single shadowmapping working. You can do the following to approach CSM step for step:


1. Be able to calculate the shadow-camera to tightly fit a part of the view frustum, best to use the near/far clipplane as input

1.1 calculate frustum corner

1.2 project frustum corner on shadow-camera plane (assumption: direct lighting)

1.3 min/max projected corner to determine positioning and view port


2. Be able to render the shadowmap only on a restricted area of the texture

2.1.utilize the viewport settings of the camera & scissor test


3. Rendering of the CSM (assumption: 4 layers)

3.1. subdivide the frustum equally at first (later tweak it)

3.2. for each subdivision, calculate the shadow camera(1.) and render it to a quarter of the shadow map(2.)


4. Using the CSM(assumption: only in the fragment shader, once it works you could transfer parts of it into the vertex shader if necessary).

4.1. Determine the depth of the pixel

4.2. map the depth on the two closest layers (e.g. depth=0...1 , layer 1 = floor(depth*4), layer 2=max(3,ceil(depth*4)) )

4.3 for each layer calculate the offset (shadowmap quarter), then get the shadow texels

4.4 calculate an alpha value to represent the relative position of the pixel depth value between the two layers (layer1<=pixel_depth<=layer2)

4.5 blend the two depth values, tweak it later to optimize the transition between the two layers.,



Here's an article parralel split shadow mapping, very similiar to it, maybe the same ?

Feb 12 2013 10:19 AM

Wow, very informative, ill pass this along to telanor and see if this helps. Shadows are kicking our asses right now just like the point light was!

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