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Human Body Types

Posted by , 12 February 2013 · 2,574 views

RuinValor C# DX11 DX10 DX11.1 Indie Game Indie Game
Human Body Types Here is a sketch of the human model for the LARGE and NORMAL body types:

Posted Image

And this is the normal body type:

Posted Image

I like that the more nimble body is not just a scaled down version. :)

Thanks, we really wanted to try and make it feel different while keeping that Hero type of feel. Today we are going to do the Egosdian ( elves ). After that we will start work on some of the enemy monsters.

i like the normal body type, but if the player chooses to be a more magical character, does this body fit? the model is just aesthetic or the choice afects something?

It more or less is an aesthetic for the time being. If funds are abundant I will work on getting another body type in for the skinny person! :P I just got the first concept for the egsodian ( elves ) today. Once those are complete the four primary races of the game will be in place.

Forward process is the best. Can't want to see more.

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