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Model Blocks + Fun?

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Model Blocks + Fun? We have been working on adding in models for tree's, grass, and other objects around the world. In doing so we are hitting some funny, but not so funny, roadblocks. This issue is related to models not loading properly because of a small error on our export. Once we fixed that we started to get better results but remembered that alpha's do not work with deferred rendering. After a few tweaks we will hopefully have some sexy screenshots to show off.

When i first saw this screenshot It reminded me of the candy land in the movie "Wreck it Ralph". I couldn't stop laughing and Telanor was like..."What is so funny?". Some people think I shouldn't share the fucked up pictures of the project but I think it helps to convey how much fun we are having and gives personality to the project. Anyway hope you all enjoy and I plan to update shortly.

Sidenote: Earthmark, our second coder, is using GMod to test the marching cubes rendering in a far less than conventional method. He says its a robust system that is not designed to crash and that he can get it to work faster. After watching him in livestream play with some metal box that created marching cubes with lasers I decided it was best not to doubt him. It was rather interesting stuff to watch and had one of our other coders wondering how in the hell he did that. Earhtmark has come a long way since he just picked up C# and now knows more than most do after a short period of time! Good job Earthy!

Feb 22 2013 10:34 AM

the fucked up pictures are one of the things that amazes me on your project, keep sharing them, one day we will look back here and see the early days of your project. and laugh a lot =p

Feb 22 2013 10:37 AM

Thanks mito, we have lots more... you should see the trees!



Feb 22 2013 08:22 PM

Looks like a lot of apples on the ground. :)

Feb 22 2013 08:22 PM

lol indeed!!!

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