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Logo Design

Posted by , 04 March 2013 · 1,094 views

So, after a few hours of work I decided to give the logo another go and here is what I have so far. Thoughts?

Posted Image
Posted Image

I am certainly not done yet but figured I would see if any of you had any suggestions. Thanks again

I like the second one better. It feels "richer" that the 1st one that's cold and dark :)

Thank you, i was hoping to add in some glow color and finer rock details.

I would agree that the second has a more appealing color platte.

The second one definitely better for me, the first would look better if you added some color maybe a bright orange firefly or lava to use contrast to your advantage.

Green would also give nice contrast to the second one, and make it look lively. 

Thanks, the wife really liked the first one and said to add some lava and highlights! I thought about it... who knows where I will go with it. Ill play with it some more tonight. Thank you for the feedback.

Lava in the first one? Okay I would like to see that, because the contrast would be sweet!


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