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God Rays

Posted by , 08 March 2013 · 1,515 views

God Rays So after a few days of trying to get this badboy in place we have a somewhat working version of godrays. we still need to tweak the system and optimize it but for now it shall do. These are some expensive rays though as they take our FPS from 350 to 100, if we cant get some serious optimization from them than we will leave them in as an ULTRA setting only.

I do think that the overall effect is a nice one ( these are not additive yet, they are just rays cast and rendered ). If we get this working the way we would like the clouds and other things will effect them as well. For now this is just the first go at them to see how complex/annoying it would be. If we can get them in and stable before the release I think this has some serious potential to make our game really look clean.

In other news, we have finished adding point lights to bone systems. This means we can add point lights to torch's and other objects based off of a bone named "particleEmit". During the testing process we created 100 lights + torchs and only dropped 30fps. This is pretty good considering that you could scale that based off of distance or range and still have a nice solid look. We are having issues with point lights bleeding through our objects but this should be fixed after we add basic point light shadows. If you know another method let us know so we can explore it. Anyway, i should have a screenshot of the point lights and the torch within the week. Progress is flying and we only have a few weeks left till we start our greenlight project. Thank you for your interest and let me know if there is something specific you have a desire to see!



Without normals


Nice update.


For point lights you can create a light manager that assigns a light to each object, this prevents lights from bleeding through.

I learned it from the tutorials with the irrlicht engine, when I first started programming and still use it.

Are you using deferred lighting or deferred shading to pull off the shear amount of lights? Also, does your God Rays algorithm require a light's position in the shader? I'd like to be able to emit god rays from anything that has am emissive color or texture turned up in just screen space.

Make it like Counter-Strike

screenshot for example?

Also here is the updated God Rays



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