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Point Light Shadows + Concept Art

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Point Light Shadows + Concept Art We finally got the point light shadows to work thus saving us from the light bleed that was occurring. This is monumental as it lets our torch's and other light sources render light properly. Couple this with our ability to spawn thousands of lights with limited FPS hit and we are in business!

I know you have not heard from or seen me on much this week! I have been steady learning how the collida model loader will effect my ability to create, manage, and modify our animation sets. The collida system is great but at this point it seems to be our bottleneck. I have been weighting models, rigging, setting up control schemes, and creating the core animations. This is a long and drawn out process ( specially when you are learning most of these things for the first time ). I hope to have some animation sets to show off within the coming weeks.

In other news our main set of people ( earthmark and goss ) got marching cubes to work. In doing so we found our texture array was fucked! We are going through and hand fixing them at this point but it takes time. While Goss was looking at the code he saw the opportunity to add in tessellation and he got it working! This means we can push some serious terrain detail ( for the top portion ) to the players thus aiding to bridge that gap between blocked/slanted surfaces and the smooth mesh setup we have for our models. This gives us some powerful tool as well for the ability to modify terrain on the fly!!! The end result of the marching cubes + tessellation will be amazing but will take some time. I am delaying our release on kickstarter and greenlight until these two things are in place. It is my feeling that they will be the single factor that separates us originally from the "minecraft" feel.

Lastly, we have created support for multi worlds. The main reason? In my idea of a working server ( something nobody will be forced to use ) when you die you will go to Good World, Bad World, or either of them randomly ( if you are neutral ) based off of your alignment. You will stay in that world until you find the portal to release yourself or till somebody takes your bones from the main world and drops them off at their local temple! The worlds could have other uses depending on the server they are on but this is why we added support for them.

Anyway, that is all for this week. Hope to see you guys next week and please take the time to up vote us on greenlight concepts if you have not already done so. Below you will find a screenshot of our point light system working with shadows.

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Mar 30 2013 09:19 PM


Mar 31 2013 12:47 AM

Here is a video of it in the actual working:


Mar 31 2013 11:43 AM

Torch light looks warm and cozy...

Mar 31 2013 11:45 AM

Thanks! :)

Apr 02 2013 12:29 AM

Looks really great !

Apr 02 2013 05:57 AM

Thanks, that means alot coming from you!

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