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Relearning to draw

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Things have been rather silent. I have been taking a course on Radio Waves and the management of them through a new system ( not really new but they call it that ) called CBSP ( commercial broadband satellite program ). If you are wondering why the hell I am doing that... my real job is an IT with the USN so I get stuck doing some odd things here and there. Anyhow, I finished the class this friday and in doing so purchased a new toy as a reward!

Posted Image

The device on the left is a CINTIQ 24HD , and while some of you might be saying "Why didnt you go with the 24HD Touch?" I did not go with it on purpose. The price is not the issue rather the reviews were. People were saying that the pad picks up your palm and moves the display or that the controls were wanky and put together in a non intuitive manor. I felt it safe going with a system that I knew was tested and not the first line of a companies attempt at getting into the touch market.

Initial thoughts:
I got out of class and waited anxiously by the door for the UPS man to arrive. Every sound of a bump of the door or a bump outside had me running like a kid to a window to see Santa Clause! My wife laughed and said "I have not seen you this excited in some time". When the guy arrived he was carrying this box and as he walked up the 3 flights of stairs ( poor man ) the size of the box became more and more alarming. I realized this was going to be one HUGE device. After getting it in and signing for it I had to call my roomate in to get the device out of the box. 85lbs for a monitor and a fear of dropping it ensured that I used somebody else ( plus the picture on the instructions notify you to grab somebody else! )

Initial Problems:
Having never purchased this device before I ran into three initial issues.

1) A place to put this big beast!
2) It requires another DVI hookup... ( i already have dual monitors )
3) It needed to have a protective shield put on. ( i planned for this one... kinda )

I quickly removed the things from my wife's desk and placed them on the kitchen table. She looked at me with bewilderment but knew that it would make me happy so she went about making lunch! I rushed her desk over to my current location to create a L shape. ( mind you I actually have a $500 L shape desk that is full glass. I have yet to put it up in the new apartment seeing as we just moved )

Problem two was more of an annoyance that a problem. I removed the DVI from the second monitor on my right and changed the desktop layout to match the new configuration. I will go into work on monday and get a dongle to split the second DVI connection to two monitors. On second thought I did read something about a display port cable but I have yet to mess with that.

Lastly, the shield was not easy to put on. To clarify, I suck when it comes to do this for small screen sizes you can only imagine how badly I suck when it comes to 24" displays! There were bubbles for days and it took three of us to get them all out after 1 hour! At one point we found a dust particle that had made its way to the corner so we spend another 15 min trying to get that out without causing more particles ( we failed ). Finally after 20 minutes and 1 ream of scotch tape the damn thing was on!

Work so far:
I spent the better part of last night fighting with the tools and learning how to draw with the pen. It is odd for me because I have 18+ years of using a mouse to do things and the workflow, while faster, is odd to me. I have read many reviews and people just suggest using it more so that you become familiar with the layout and settings. If anything I have noticed that my workflow is faster and that putting ideas down are as fast as putting a pencil to paper.

This morning I woke up early to spend some time with the device and started in on the tutorials from "Digital Tutors". Again, I know how to draw already but figured going through some of the lessons with a tablet would be beneficial to me and my learning process. I chose something that interested me which just happened to be the rock design class. The following are images from the three first projects in the lessons:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Each of these were about 20 min in length and most of it was just playing with it until I got something that I thought was decent for 20 minutes. I will be going through more lessons but I can already see the difference in my turn around time for a specific project. When I learn to harness the power of this tool I would imagine putting out new work will be nearly 10x faster than the current rate.

Last Impressions:
I wish I would have had the money to do this sooner. All in all I am very pleased with this system and would encourage anybody who is serious about art to take the time to get one version of this model! You and your art will certainly improve from learning how to use it!

Apr 27 2013 05:05 PM

Nice work!

Also, I dont think your graphics tablet is big enough, dont they make one larger?

Apr 27 2013 07:03 PM

Very cool. O-San picked up the Touch version last month

Apr 27 2013 08:00 PM

@Matthewj234 they do not make one larger, they do however make one with touch.


@Gaiiden I would like to hear his thoughts. I certainly wont be buying it anytime soon but I wouldn't mind finding out if the reviews were true.

Apr 28 2013 11:46 PM

Just did some art for a logo lesson:



Took less than 10 min to get that.... would have taken ages with a mouse! I am so in love!

Apr 29 2013 07:10 AM

Woah, nice robot! I couldn't draw that to save my life haha :)

May 05 2013 05:58 AM





The map took me an hour and the rabbit was 20 min. These would have taken days with the normal mouse setup.


So, after having the device for a few now and with constant use for the duration of that time I can honestly say the device is well worth its price. It acts as another monitor ( so I now have three ) and it allows for the pen to put strokes on the paper that are otherwise not possible with a mouse. I am very pleased and would recommend anybody who is serious about this to get one!


CON: Keep in mind that while there are many positive aspects there will always be bad. I did not plan for the size and because of this my desk space is less than optimal. people message me or I get an email and I need to switch to the mouse and keyboard that is located on the center rather than the side the display is on. This is easily fixed with a proper desk layout but was certainly an annoyance at first.

Jun 09 2013 08:08 PM

Awesome purchase. I purchased a second generation 21ux right before they released the 22HD a week later. newegg wouldnt let me return so i got stuck with the older model. The screen is quite clear though compared to the sheen of the antiglare coating on the 22hd. Im not sure if the 24HD has the same coating as the 22HD. Anyway they are worth the investment. that is one beast of a tower by the way.

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