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Parallax Video Art v1

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Parallax Video Art v1 So the art has changed considerably from when I first started but.... the idea is that we will use a script and mimic the common parallaxed video for the lore. I figure I can make some quick sketches and put them together to make a very good lore set.... that will explain the story and save us time of trying to do all the animations and such.

The purpose of these videos is to increase the awareness of the depth of our game as well as enrich the player experience with the development process. As an additive bonus these art pieces will be part of the kickstarter project as well as the art book that we will be creating. Right now I have completed two of the 15 images needed to make the first video. The script from that video is here:

In a universe beset by chaos and uncertainty, an unexpected guest to the realm of Valor would forever change the course of destiny

Saldarine, a mighty being of untold power, by pure circumstance would find himself upon this realm.

His first creation would be the dwarves. Born in the depths of Mount Duralth these beasts would be cast amongst fire and stone.

Uneasy and uncertain as to what steps to take next, Saldarine would fulfill a desire to be connected with his creations.

It is from this thought that the idea of a stone to control all beings would be born, and from that day forward the stone would be known as the, “Source Stone”

Time would pass and what seemed to be only a matter of moments would fade into a millennium. The Realm of Valor vastly different from the days of old.

Life was thriving in the Realm of Valor and the chaos that once plagued the land has subsided.

The realm would flourish and Saldarine would grow closer to his creations because of it. He had chosen an Avatar in which he would call his son. Trabior

As with all things that obtain ultimate power if the vessel in which the power is bestowed is not worthy it will turn to corruption.

Trabior, sick with power would fall from his father’s grace.

Saldarine, desperate to reach his son before it was too late attempted to curb his behavior and persuade him from the side of evil.

Yet all the power in the realms could not bring Trabior to reason and Saldarine was left to weep for favored son was no longer his.

As any father might feel towards a son, Saldarine could not bring himself to end Trabiors life. Instead he sought to correct the problem in another way.

Trabior gained his powers from Saldarine himself. If Saldarine was to sever that bond and remove himself from the realm than his son, no matter how corrupt and void of reason, could no longer terrorize the world.

Desperate, Saldarine would bind his essence into 7 books thus removing himself from the realm. These books would be later called “The Source of it All”.

Each of the seven volumes containing a different reading that when spoken together could bring back the father of us all.

I have gone through several iterations to get to where I am now with the second one... but I think I am close to finished.

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Last but certainly not least, our AI has been playful and enjoyable to work with. Telanor has them attacking and following you as well as following wavepoints created or dropped by an admin. There is some tweaking needed for sure but the basics are there. During some of the testing I spawned 15 of those little buggers and they started to from a gorgane pyramid to punch my face! It was cool because they got stuck on a ridge and then jumped on top of their head. At that point they started jumping up and down while on top of one another to launch themselves at me... it was.... not planned nor was it coded that way but god damn if it didnt look like they were intelligent!

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On the backend we have been cleaning up the network code as well as working on finishing the marching cubes algorithm implementation. We have learned the process requires octrees but for us to get this out in time for a late may or early june kickstarter we do not have the time to add octrees. *shrugs* oh well... we will do it after the kickstarter!

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