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Game Update #5

4: Adsense

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We have been focusing most of our efforts on getting things ready for the video. You might ask us why, and that would be a valid question in this case. The video is the most important aspect of the game in this part of development because we need you, the customers, to feel like this game is worth purchasing before it is complete. This means we need to show you what we want for the game without having it all done and in place. You could imagine how tricky this could be as much of the code needs to be present for the game to run “as it should be played”. To account for this we have focused on key things such as Boss monsters ( found in the image to the left ) and the playable races ( found in images below ).

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While the artists ( myself and Eric ) have been working on the face of the video Telanor and Earthmark have been working the back end. We have completed GPU particles, Decal System ( thanks to the help of gamedev members ), Skill System, and advanced crafting. All of these will be on display during the video and will help to play a key role in telling the story of the RuinValor Development.

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Some other systems that have been in for some time, yet have gone untested, are as follows: UI Elements, Mod API, UI Modes, Character Creation, AI Controls, AI Setup, and AI behaviors. We plan to show off bits and pieces of those throughout the video but since most of those require a more completed core we have to wait a bit before we go too much into those. Most of them work, if that is what you are wondering, but they are not void of bugs and errors and at this point its all about putting your best foot forward.

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The last part of this week has been dedicated to finishing the gorgane. I know you have seen many renditions of this beast and you might be wondering “They must really love this thing!”, and you wouldn’t be half wrong. The gorgane is going to be a key character in the main video being released. It is for this reason that we have spent so much time trying to make it the best quality possible. The picture above shows the gorgane without his armor, ( which will be released in the video ) but we feel it lets you see the handpainted style we are going for. I will be spending the better part of this weekending completing the textures for the human and the dwarf character as well.

So where does this leave us? Right now we are 2 weeks away from the kickstarter project. We will spend the last week of August testing and gathering all the video needed for the event. For those of you wonder, yes we will be posting more updates and game developments throughout the Kickstarter process. Lastly, we are working to revamp the website and get everything working in a professional manor. Expect some big changes over the course of the next few weeks and as always if you have any questions or thoughts please do not hesitate to share!

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