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Gorgane Animation Set

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Gorgane Animation Set We spent a bit of time working on fixing the specular setup, normal maps, as well as the detail maps. After some of this had been relearned ( since I have been busy with other stuff from the art side of the house ) we got the ball rolling and were able to create something we really wanted. The look and feel is exactly what I had hoped for and you can imagine you will see other animals like this in the game that will be creepy as hell at night!

Some of the animations need work as they cause the model to contort a bit but those will be minor changes that can take place at any time in the development process for polish. For now the main focus is just getting in the brunt of the heavy lifting ( the core elements ) and trying to smooth them all out once that is complete. Hope you all like it and let me know what your thoughts are.

First in game look at our gorgane models doing animation stuff!

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