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Effects Updates

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We are preparing many of the assets that will be used in the video. To do this we need to revamp ALL of the art that we have done so far and make it production quality. Today's post will show off that iterative process!

Posted Image

Here you will see the failed attempt of making a fireball texture. The blend mode was messed up so it was rendering just a square!

Posted Image

With some finagling we were able to get the center to be a solid ball, but the flames were creating the well known "Waffle" effect! Seems the pyro TF2 bug has hit our game as well!!! LMAO

Posted Image

With a bit more work we were able to get the waffles to subside and got something that resembled smoke/flames! Now, we need to color the smoke to go from orange to black!

Posted Image

This failed, and all we saw was black, but it looked like something from a Harry Potter movie!

I will be resuming work on it today and seeing what can be done. The effect will be a good one when we are complete and should make for a very powerful fireball. Our new system is GPU Based as well so much of the work ( if you have a good graphics card ) causes no lag!

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