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Productive Week

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This week has been rather productive. Last weekend I was sitting idle in the chat ( gamedev.net chat that is ) when a few helpful people agreed to view a demo of my game and comment on some issues/concerns I had. Two hours later I had gotten more than an ear full and felt as though we really had something to work with. Thanks to all of those who were there:
  • Stormy
  • All8
  • Eppo
  • Flu
and a few others I cant remember off the top of my head. After such a rewarding amount of time was spent in that chat I started to idle there on a more regular basis. Two days ago I was asking people about their work on games and most had replied with "I am making an engine alone". EDI and a few others expressed the ideal nature of working alone but a few had expressed interest in working with a team. The recruiter side of me sparked and I knew I could possibly find some people to possibly fill the gaps in our team. LyGuy and a few others showed initial interest in joining a project and from there I decided to show off what we had. I was more than impressed with what LyGuy had to offer and quickly tried to convince him to join the project. With a bit of conversation and a lot of fun I am proud to announce that LyGuy is one of the newest members to our team.

It would seem that with our new recruit we had struck gold. His networking skills had already netted him a graphical artist named Paul. ( his close friend ) With LyGuy's recent addition to our team he inquired about my desire to have another artist and I quickly responded with "Hell yes!". A few pictures later and a very long Skyp convo and we ha sealed the deal about adding them both to the project. I almost thought it to be too good to be true, but when LyGuy contacted me the next day asking to get started I was more than excited!

I dont have much to show with you the game on this post but I hope to rectify that this weekend with another post/video of what we have done so far. Thanks again for your interesting and please check back this weekend for our newest update.

Oct 18 2013 08:38 AM
Great. People on Gamedev can be quite helpful.
Oct 18 2013 09:05 AM

Indeed they can sir! indeed they can.

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