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New Year, new goals / things missed

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I know we have been rather silent ( except for in chat ) about what is going on with our development so I figured I would take some time to update everybody.

Animation System:
Thanks to the help fo all8 and others we are revamping our entire entity/animation system. With the new updates in place we should be able to accommodate advanced animations such as walking with a gun. This process removes our need to make 2 different sets of animations for walking and walking with a gun.

Texture Rework:
I have been hard at work with adding in new and improve textures. Some of them are good enough to stay till the end of development; while others will still need some rework. ( Grass ) You can see a sample of the new textures here.:

Posted Image

Another aspect of the texture rework has been adding in normals/speculars for all textures. This process has proven interesting as we allow for specular power as well as specular intensity. You would think the more options you have the better but in reality is makes for some serious issues when a baseline is not established. Here you will see the end result ( so far ) that will be for some of the more common textures:

Posted Image

New Models:
I have been pretty slow on this process since I am more or less working on other cosmetic things. The only new models we have so far are trivial ones. I will have more to show in the weeks to come.

Particle System Updates:
with another new member joining the team (DMW) we have started work on revamping the particle system. DMW is new to the entire process and has been learning how our current system works. Part of his tasking has been to create a particle system for the New Year video we will be releasing. Once this is complete he will be working on a particle editor that will allow for some advanced modifications to our current particle system.

While he has been working on this, Telanor is attempting to revamp and optimize the particle setup. This has proven difficult but he is slowly making progress each day. For now I will leave you with a screenshot showing of what DMW has completed so far. Till next time!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Dec 28 2013 12:43 PM

Looking forward to play with this game. :)

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