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RuinValor on Greenlight

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RuinValor is role playing game with skill based combat system and powerful customization options. The primary platform will be PC (and Linux assuming kickstarter stretchgoals are reached). The focus of our game is creation, town progression, customization, modability, and the choice by both players and server owners on how they wish to shape and experience their world.

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RuinValor is a game with rich lore, cutting edge graphics, unique gameplay and a role playing experience that will leave you begging for more. We’ve made it our mission to empower our player base by giving the server owners, community managers and modders ample tools to create and modify the game, therefore ensuring endless hours of unique gameplay.

When designing RuinValor we wanted to avoid the industry’s traditional method of pushing content on the players through season passes and/or costly expansions. Our design model focuses on giving the modding community and server owners as much power as possible; which allows them to generate quality content with relative ease.
  • Platform: PC and (Linux/MAC if stretch goal is reached)
  • Character Customization: Modify almost every aspect of your character. You can decide everything from the way your character fights to the armor they wear, giving you the ability to put your own personality into them. With the planned modding tools in place, even more possibilities will appear in the near future.
  • Unique Skill System: Choose from over 100 skills for your character. Pick from Offensive, Defensive, and Utility type skills to create a unique character that plays to your true gameplay style. No longer will you be limited by class or archetype!
  • Unique Crafting: Craft items in a unique and interesting method uncommon in most games today. Explore a system that is easy to begin but grows in complexity as you get deeper into it. Find the best recipes for crafting and share them with friends or sell them on the market for profit.
  • Land Ownership: Claim plots of land to create, expand and conquer regions of the world. Land ownership will be the driving force for the war element of the game. Expand your borders while building key buildings so that your land is progressed to the next level. Keep in mind that the higher you climb on the ladder of success the more the creatures of the world will attempt to knock you from your high and mighty throne!
  • Server Technology: Since the beginning of development we have put a heavy emphasis on multiplayer content. We wanted to allow players the ability to play on a LAN, Small Servers, or even host high population servers hosted by a dedicated server. Gaming is meant to be shared and experienced on multiple levels and it is our desire to emphasize this.
  • Modding API: We have put some serious time into the creation of a robust and powerful API for easy modification of the game’s systems. All of the tools we use to develop the game will be available to the public. We are fully aware of the how crucial the modding community can be for a game so we are putting forth every possible effort to ensure we are updating the API as well as supporting the modding community with any and all questions/requests.

Apr 19 2014 12:54 AM

Was not aware this would be featured! I will make this post a bit more snazy!

Apr 19 2014 11:08 AM
A word of caution about Linux and Mac as a stretch goal, it does not have the same impact as native support from Kickstarter launch.
Also, make sure to embed the Greenlight page in the campaign.
The same goes with Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media links. :) Many people miss this, believe it or not.

Otherwise, email me with details about the campaign when you are ready for Kickstarter.

Best Regards,

Todd Batrynchuk

LinuxGameNews.com, LinuxGameNews.biz, &
Apr 19 2014 11:39 AM

Thanks, I would love to make it part of the original campaign. The problem is that the time it will take to convert everything over to openGl will be.... long. That is time that we dont have right now and thus it has to be a kickstarter goal.

Apr 19 2014 06:38 PM

I don't disagree that it will take time, but my impression (as someone who plays PC games solely on a Mac), is that Mac and Linux folks have been burned time and again by kickstarters which don't deliver on stretch goals, or don't deliver on them until long after launch. These days, I won't back a game that my friends will be able to play for months before it supports my platform, or which has alpha/beta access only for Windows...


I'd strongly suggest you have cross-platform support in the basic kickstarter pitch, and move other features out to stretch goals :)

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