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RuinValor: Buildings

Posted by , 31 May 2014 · 872 views

This week I am on leave so the art that is being produced, for all my projects (DSM, All8, and RuinValor) should see some work. Tonights task was getting the castle gate fleshed out. Size, shape, and general concept were the goal and I feel that I hit all of those. I need to revamp the texture and make it more detailed in many ares but I think the current one is pretty damn good!

Posted Image

We have also spent some serious time our skill system. I revamped most of the VFX for the particles and should have a video of those shortly. Fireball is my new favorite spell! Anyway, will keep you posted on all my projects, so enjoy and let me know what your thoughts are on this castle entrance.

Posted Image

Looks really nice. Very clever use of colour there. Man, I wish I could create art like that :)

Thanks, its not too hard, most of this was just placeholder art created by using pictures. When i actually texture it.... will be much better :P

If this is placeholder art, than the real deal is going to be crazy.

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