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This sounds so wickedly Awesome!

DX11 Terrain
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I think this would be awesome as all heck! I want to be able to generate a terrain flat - then like in Zbrush scuplt the terrain and texel paint the terrain. How cool would that be? You got a bull dozer to push back a section, just various of tools to literally create a awesome terrain scenerio! A water pot to grow vegatation!

I know there's procedural terraining and additionally procuderal buildings - I think that would be epically awesome! Plus, more fun for the arist, you know?

Voxels are awesome and I see the great advantage of them, on top of that megatexturing.

There's a lot of research to do and hell, maybe in the next update in a few months there will be something awesome out of the research I've conducted!

Signing out and sticking my head back in the Mad Labatory.

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