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Editor's looking good in C# so far!

Posted by , 12 August 2012 · 747 views

DX11 Game Editor
C# is a much easier and user friendly experience anyone can have! Now, the editor's taking shape and looking fantastic. A small problem which will be resolved shortly is that when I insert another mesh file it replaces the other one already in the viewport editor.

However, as of now, I can add default lighting; still have functionality as I did in the C++ .NET version. There was a bit of a issue with the shader but I overcame it by marshalling it. I don't think it's ready for it's next WIP progress video yet. Maybe a couple weeks from now or a month. Just haven't decided. Once there's a rbeak through then yes the WIP video will be up. I'm am satisified but not merely enough.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend. Now, back on netflix watching some tv shows. Good night everyone!

This is the kind of good stuff I keep reading about C# for tools and so forth.

I am relatively new to the forums, so could you help me to most closely follow your progress? What is the main thread for this which you made?

[EDIT:] I subcribed to your blog Posted Image
Hey, welcome to the forums. When I read blog I thought you meant my youtube videos which majority of the WIP are being uploaded there.

Anywho, chat with you later. Peace!