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Finally Binary Mesh Import!

DX11 C# C++ CLI Game Engine Level Editor
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I'm sure everyone has stayed up wee hours of the night; while their gears inside their heads crank. Last night, was one of those nights - practically I thought I was going cross eye from looking at the screen too much. That would completely funny, right?

Onward with the good news without any wait. So, two days ago I loaded the custom mesh with ASCII. Cool yes indeed...I pondered and decided Binary was going to be the new format. Inside the converting program in C# which uses a managed assembly made in C++. I was able to convert a OBJ file into the game engine's own mesh format in binary. It took a couple of tries because I wasn't use to loading binary files. I'm getting the hang of it, I admit. Those & and * signs confused me. Finally, today evening the level editor was able to successfully load the binary file.

You know that grin that stretches from one cheek to the other, right? That overwhelming accomplishment and pride. I get that very often when I accomplsih something so very small yet big to me.

Wait a minute, there seems to be a hang up when loading a 22 MB file now...Okay, so; I threw it on another thread while it does it imports in the level editor. Cool, still a bit of a problem - it takes longer than the ascii file to load. You know the 40 mb ASCII mesh file of the Pillar I made in Zbrush? Sure, it loads the data correctly, however as of now it likes to load the small stuff.

So, I'm now looking into handling ways of loading a larger file.

I'll report soon as possible.

Aug 17 2012 09:45 AM
Good news for ya, here, indeed.

Yeah, I get how some people would overlook the importance of this to you, but I get it. The basic structure and functions of the game are at stake. Many sub-features of your engine in the future depend on the foundation you are laying now.

Yes, indeedy-O, I get it.


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