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The Engine's Under The Scapel: August 2012

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I took a step back today...Poundered about how I can improve as a programmer and executing professionalism. I dismanteled the game engine piece by piece.

A new FILEIO Managed Assembly was put in place to handle the many Loading Meshes Etc... I learned how to use Interfaces to hold my important structures for reading Model data. I implemented Try Catch exception while parsing the Model's data. I brought the newly engine's FILEIO in C# to see if it will flag if the data is read or not. Good news is it has read completely.

The mesh reader is the same reader as before - has implemened interface for storing mesh data.

There will be more updates soon as possible. I am going back to do more reading on DirectX 11 and more reading about C++ CLI.

Have a great night everyone!


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