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Fix Fix Fix-A-Roo

DX11 Editor
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Spent about the week or two weeks re-structurizing the framework. So, far so good! Upon creating a improved flow instead of using tons of pointers; I had to fix little minor issues: when window was minimized and restored it pooped out a external exception. This is fixed. When I maximized the window or resized the window - the 3D Model looked like stretch-arm strong and all funky. Fixed this too.

Future add-ons:
  • Tesselation factor determined by length of camera.
  • Mip-Mapping level correction determined by length of camera.
  • Sub-sets in the custom mesh file.
  • Shader Editor or Shader Graph Editor. Haven't decided yet.
Possibly more.

Oct 07 2012 05:58 PM
That's wonderful news!

I am looking at shader graph editor because I can make easy references. Comparison ability is a powerful tool. Also, I read somewhere that it is possible to make shader presets.

Let us know what you decide, please.

Oct 07 2012 10:07 PM
New functionality inside Editor as of now before I smoke in celebration.
  • Drag & Drop Mesh into Level Editor.
  • Picking Enabled. The mouse cursor changes indicating the ray is intersecting one of mesh's triangle. Changes to default when it's not.
I have to take further steps and restore the Mesh Collection list - where I can have multiple meshes. As of now, it's only drawing one at a time each import. Next will be drag and drop texture on mesh using same Picking method.

Thanks for your support everyone and Clinton.

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