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Still Alive

Posted by , 09 October 2013 · 1,012 views

My last entry was over a year ago - but I'm still alive. Now that the major coding phase for my master's thesis is behind me, I find myself tinkering again in my spare time.

Here are some of the major changes since last year:

I really wanted access to some of the DX11 features and the SharpDX toolkit makes the transition from XNA very painless. I was never really a big fan of XNA's content pipeline, so I created my own. Turns out, Assimp is a a lot faster, more flexible, and robust than XNA's importers and crunch does an excellent job of compressing textures.

Skeletal Animation
I always thought the math involved in skeletal animation was scary. However, implementing it for myself was surprisingly easy. Besides simply playing and mixing animations, I can now easily sync gameplay actions with events embedded in the animations.

Navmesh Generation
While working on the AI, I realized that the classic waypoint graphs weren't working for me anymore. They had to be way too dense in order to allow the kinds of behaviors I wanted. So now I entered the 21st century and use navmeshes that are automatically generated from the level geometry. Since the walkable areas are 2D, I use the excellent libraries Clipper and Poly2Tri to generate and triangulate the meshes.

Posted Image

It'd be nice to here a description of how you're building those Nav' meshes actually because it looks like you've got good separation from the objects in the scene and it's still low density.

It'd be nice to here a description of how you're building those Nav' meshes

Good idea. I'll try to write up a description.

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