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uwi2k2 - Part Time Game Dev

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Minority 7 - MMO Game - Dev. Diary #005 - A.I. & First Person

Minority 7 - MMO Game - Dev. Diary #005 - A.I. & First Person Short update on A.I. movement , hidden movement screen , replicator database and the first person view. 

Pre alpha demo Video of "Minority 7"

Hi all, i just started my dev diary again.
Its just a demo of the current status:


Minority 7 - WebGL Isometric Roundbased Game

Minority 7 - WebGL Isometric Roundbased Game Hi all, i just picked up again the work on my homage to the old xcom games.
I just started to put the 3d models together and use them in my self written webgl engine.
Its impressive how fast you can make progress in java-script. Still i need a good 3d low poly style modeler to make it really look nice, but in the meantime i am making
good progre...

Founding a Space Game

Hi there,

i am crowdfunding one of my new games.
So if you wanne help me, pls go here:

Any other help is welcome as well.


KaIsland - WebGL open World multiplayer

Hi there,i just finished the test implementaion of my WebGL Project.Its impressive what modern Browsers can do !!Take a look.:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Hb72bPppjk cuuwi

Little nonsense Game looking for Alpha testers

Little nonsense Game looking for Alpha testers Hi all,i just like to find some testers for my little fun game: Peaces in KaIsland...Its just a nonses island bombing game ... but could be fun for a short time...You my just donwload it here:http://uwiworld.net/Peaces_in_KaIsland.zip A short maual is included as a pdf file.This is only multiplayer only. So you need to wait for someone else to come online...

just an other friday night ...

hi there,i just spend some fridays game programming again.just updated my webpage: www.uwiworld.net Just latest 2d fun:http://www.youtube.com/embed/vI7wjXlIyYE cuuwi

Programming Support Hotline - call me crazy ...

Hi all,i operated the 'php-hotline' for some years now, and got a lot of nice people to know ..so now i just thought : " why not expand it .. " .. so i did..so now there is the:http://www.programming-hotline.com/  covering every topic you like - and i can support..... and don´t ask my why, i guess something is wrong with me ... http://public.gamedev5.net/...

Finally in APP Store - E.G.L.

hi all,

finally my game was validated for the APP Store ( after 4 Weeks ).

Just a simple fun racer:

fly long enough to hear the elefant start to sing bullshit !!


Hugo - Our mascot for the CODE 2013

Hugo - Our mascot for the CODE 2013 Say Hello to Hugo, out Mascot for the CODE 2013: http://www.code2013.eu