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Hellooo Hopes and Dreams

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  • about myself
  • about the journal
  • 2d Artist needed
  • about the game "Project Phoenix
  • Hopes and Dreams

About myself
I am a normal IT student in a land far far away who has put an idea into his head. V thaught us, that ideas are bulletproof and now it's kinda stuck forever. The idea, to create a world.

About the journal
Here I will write EVERYTHING (well, almost, but I try hard), from posts about the lore, up to design choices in the engine.
So why should I put so much time writing about that stuff, if I could code?
Well, this project will take a long time and when I have people interested in my work, I won't abandon it. It is also a great help for me writing down ideas and concepts in coherent sentences, not just as half-assed scribble on a dirty sheet of paper. Plus, I have the chance that somebody will eventually read this and maybe find some value in it.

I will update this Journal at least every two weeks.

If you have questions, remarks or even critic about something, please leave a comment. Feedback is the best way to improve.

2d Artist needed
Yeah, what the heading says.

About the game "Project Phoenix"
Yes, my project is called "Project Phoenix", to reduce confusion, I won't use the word "project" in my posts.
I haven't worked out the lore yet, but I can give you an overview:
Project Phoenix plays in a post apocalyptic world, where the humans fight for their survival. You are (of course) a human, you fight in a 2d real-time isometric shooter against an enemy more powerful than you are. To succeed, you need to work as a team, plan your attacks, assasinations, ambushes carefully and improvise in case shit happens.
So yeah, it is a multiplayer game at some point in the future...

The game engine is my own, I work with SDL and later hopefully with OpenGL. It is free to play and the source code is open.

Hopes and Dreams
You see, I hope to make an interesting game from the ground up. Even though I have programming experience, I never had a project this complex. Further, it doesn't take a good programmer to make a good game. A good game is more than code.
Even though I work hard, I expect something more than a tech demo in a year maybe. And I will have to put the project on ice temporarly when an examstorm is brewing, but I promise to pick it back up afterwards.

So here I am with an ambitious project with ambitious goals... what could possibly go wrong? Posted Image

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