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Dope Runner milestone 2 reached!

4: Adsense

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The second milestone (out of 4) of Dope Runner has been reached! Each milestone is a completed, playable sub-project. Here’s what’s included in this one:
  • The player can visit drug dealers and buy and sell drugs. These are placed in the player’s inventory.
  • The payer can access his safe house and store drugs there.
  • Drug prices fluctuate. From time to time, one drug’s price can peak or crash for a short while.
  • There’s a price list of all drugs and all dealers. You don’t have to visit a dealer to find out the prices.
  • GPS update frequency has been changed to prolong battery life.
Now I’m gonna do some live testing, and start planning the next steps. One thing I have already found out is that this game is best played by bicycle, not on foot. The playing area is big! If you play it on foot, you probably won’t be able to make a lot of money before the battery runs out.
I have already done a few live tests, and I’m really starting to think it’s about time I got a new phone. My old HTC Hero is getting really slow, and it seems to have problems with GPS. It takes really long to get a decent fix, and it often stops working for a while. Not to mention it’s still running Android 2.1!
So what will the next milestone involve? In the next one, the drug labs and farms will work. From time to time, the player will be notified of new batches. The price of drugs will always be lower in labs and farms, but the player will have to be very fast, because the supplies won’t last long. Once a new batch of drugs is ready, the supply starts decreasing and the player has to be fast to get his hands on it. Also, your inventory space is limited, so you’ll either have to sell it as fast as possible, or store it in your safehouse.

For more information and my other projects, visit my website, Epic Zombie.com

Aug 06 2012 04:59 PM
This is an amazing concept!

This is a fun way to exercise :P

Would you ever add the ability to open your own farms and sell to other local players?
Aug 11 2012 05:42 AM
At the moment it will be a single player game. I don't think this feature will be added, but perhaps I will make a game like that in the future.

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