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My first attempt at game design: RPG story part 1

4: Adsense

It may seem as if I was inactive for sometime but I wasn't; I was coding (https://github.com/chaficnajjar). I still have to finish some OOP chapters of my C++ book and they might take a while. Also, I created a deviantart account (http://aeronel9.devi...rt.com/gallery/) where I'll post drawings related to the project I'm going to explain now (the current drawings are unrelated to the project)

Now that I started my first year as a computer scientist, I should have some programming projects in mind for the future. One that I'll do for sure is an RPG inspired by Final Fantasy and the TV show Skyland. So I started thinking of ideas, here's what I got so far:

Title: ??
Year: sometime in a future far from ours
Location: Kaynia


In 2128, Earth was too polluted for anybody to live in. Fearing the elimination of human kind, a group of 8 men and 8 women were sent outside the solar system in seek of previously identified planets with abundance in ressources and an acceptable climate. Soon, they landed on Kaynia while the remainings of the human race on Earth was being completely wiped out due to excessive roadioactive exposure.

The group of 16 were mankind's last hope of surviving.

As they were exploring the planet, they discovered intelligent life. Nearly 2 billion of bird-like men were inhabiting the planet. Soon enough, the birdmen agreed on letting humans cohabit with them under three conditions:

1- The number of humans shall never exceed the 1 billion
2- No human shall under any circumstances attack any birdmen
3- Humans are not allowed to carry weapons.

Having agreed, a new human civilisation thrived on Kaynia.

Several centuries later, our story begins.


Main characters: Aeron (human) and Skye (human)
Secondary characters: Hector (or Drake, human), Stella (birdwoman) and Poenix (birdman)



-Kaynia's history:

Million years ago, Kaynia was annahilated by a wave of meteorites. Since then, 5 giant continents float around what used to be the planet's core. Only 3 of the 5 continents are inhabitated, the other 2 covered by dangerous high peaks and an intimidating wild life.

Sep 22 2012 07:05 AM
I wish you the best on making your RPG! :)

Are you looking at getting something up and running with the next month or so?
Nov 19 2012 02:46 AM
Thanks :)

Unfortunately, I won't be making a prototype soon, I'm still learning how to program. But I'll continue posting design updates for this game, next one soon.

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