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Okay, so I've been away for a really long time. I had to take three standardized tests in a row, and I'm only two-thirds through. Also, due to the fact I have no discipline or motivation at all, I'm giving up on my latest RPG project. I have seriously tried to make a simple 2D RPG at least two dozen times, in the past several years, and I have never even got close to having a playable game. Well, it's not so much a lack of discipline as a lack of skill. I always get up to the point to where I need art to test, but I'm not a good artist. I don't want to work in a team, so I start trying to draw my own art, but it's awful, and I get demotivated. I always end up buying some book on how to draw, making no progress at all, and trying again, but with built-in demotivation because I failed last time.

Not this time though, this time I'm doing something different! I have discovered that I find computer engineering more interesting than software engineering, so I want to build my own game console. I bought "The Black Art of Video Game Console Design" by André Lamothe, to go with my X Game Station. I had the original e-book, but it was impossible to read the stupid hand drawn diagrams (which have been replaced in the book), and also I just hate reading e-books. The only problem is that André is a terrible teacher. I don't think I have seen worse explanations and more misleading comments in my life. But, in spite of this, I am learning, and thanks to a lot of helpful people on gamedev helping me overcome a mental block with electricity in a recent thread, I'm ready to get started in the world of microcontrollers.

I'm going to build an SX-based game console, but different from the xGameStation. What I really wanted to do, was to build a 6502-based system, but due to their prices, I'm going with an SX-based system, probably using the SX28 DIP version so I can use a breadboard with it. I was thinking of adding a dedicated video processor so the main cpu doesn't have to generate an NTSC signal, which is really lame. I was also thinking of using a better sound system, like the one used in the Hydra (which I may also get), because the sound system in the XGS sucks. Oh, and I want to add ROM cartridges too.

So anyway, I know I'm not going to give up on this because I haven't been so excited about a project in a long time, and my excitement has stayed for more than a month, which is more than any of my game projects.

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