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New Game

New Simulation City Graphic Pear3DEngine Design SimuWorld
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Hi everyone!

My name is Ömercan Yazici and I'm a student from Germany. I already have a blog, but this time this Jounal will contain something totally different.
I'm going to start a new indie game. It is my first Indie game, but I have done already many little games and big applications before. I'm also the founder of the Pear3DEngine, who is far away from being an engine, but this time the application will not contain any big graphic related code Posted Image

The game

The game is a huge simulation with the project and working title SimuWorld. Not very nice, but it is only a working title.
So what is it about? Hmm... Yes, it is a city building game. Like SimCity and CitiesXL, but a little bit different.
You are the mayor. A big fat guy who is sitting in the town hall and throwing the money out of the window (haha, only a bad joke).
One of the big features are that you don't need to play the game as a mayor. You can found your own company. Do here and there some work, or base a new country with other friends, and many more...

I will not reveal much about the features, but the little enumeration above is only a very little part of my Todo-List Posted Image

Stop dreaming

Of course game development is a very hard work and it will take months or years to release the first good version. But this Journal will hopefully contain some good material about design and programming and will help some beginners or maybe some experts here and there. I'm not really a super coder, but I promise that I already can do real work Posted Image So keep your powder dry and follow this Journal!

Let the design phase begin!

Aug 18 2012 10:28 PM
I miss Sim City 2000!!! I remember buying it at a pawn shop when they use to sell PC games you couldn't find anywhere. I clocked a at least a thousand hours in that game!

Looking forward to seeing some results!
Aug 18 2012 11:50 PM

I miss Sim City 2000!!! I remember buying it at a pawn shop when they use to sell PC games you couldn't find anywhere. I clocked a at least a thousand hours in that game!

Yes, the good old times... I really miss them :( Maybe the new SimCity 5 will be also great :D
Thank you for the reply :D
Aug 19 2012 02:44 AM
Sadly I haven't played Sim City since Sim City 2000, never found the same appeal in any other one. If you can produce a good city building game you can count me on your buyers list!
Aug 19 2012 05:23 AM
Thanks :D This motivate me much... I really love when someone is interested in some of my projects. Hopefully I will finish the game and release it to the great community :)
Aug 19 2012 12:18 PM
Hello, I know you might think that this is annoying but I'm working on an indie title and I've done some before, anyway I made a temporary site at cubeinsanity.blogspot.com. Please take some time to check it out because I've been waiting but noone is seeing my work :(. Thank you and have a nice day :).
Aug 19 2012 01:54 PM

I'm currently 13 and please don't say "Wow another fag with a dream". It's not like that, infact I know more coding than you probably, so enjoy the website and the game.

Haha, come on... 13 is a good year to start :) I really like the idea of your game... AND! that you plan your work.
I'm really a design man and love to make huge architectures, okey I'm not working in the industry nor I start studying but I'm 18 (tomorrow 19 ;) ) and already started many projects. You are also start now game development.

Do it, make some screenshots, make some forum entries and increase your community. No game is bad but bad is an unknown game.
I'm really sure that your game will be popular when you show something. Like a video but I think this is still far away.
But hey... you are only 13 and school is not soooooo hard now. You have free time (but please do also something else, only developing is not good) and a dream. Everything you need for a successful game.

By the way, be not sad when your project is not successful or will fail. Nevertheless, you have learned a lot!

Hopefully I helped you in some way. I really don't now why I wrote this, but maybe... it will help.

Happy coding!
Aug 19 2012 02:41 PM
When are you looking at getting some visual work ready to show?
Aug 20 2012 05:58 AM
Hmm... I don't really know... currently I started the design phase and it will took a while... but I'm also doing some concept arts now... maybe I can release them in one or two weeks :)

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