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Project NN

Weather System - Implementation and Results

Posted by , in General 20 January 2013 - - - - - - · 966 views
projectnn, weather simulation
Let me describe implementation of weather system in more details.

Global Weather
Simulation year have 40 days, and 4 seasons (like in real). 1 day has 1000 ticks. 1 tick has 10 smaller ticks, 1 smaller tick is ticking every 250ms.

Base of simulation is temperature of region which can be modified by position of this region, as I mentioned before, regions in higher altitude will have lower temperature and so on.
During the year, which is 40 days, temperature has sine continuance, lowest in winter, highest in summer, lowest at night, highest at noon. There are also modificators like raining/snowing (drops) density, clouds density. At the end formula looks like:
Temperature = HourModifier + DayModifier + DropsModifier + CloudModifier + RegionSpecific +- Random of 0.0 - 0.3

Attached Image

This show region with zero difference, of course, the range of minimum and maximum temperature is very wide, it is already shortened and implemented to have values from -6 to 6 points.
What is optimal temperature for creatures ? Currently around 4-6 points.

Density depends on current day and temperature. As we are closer to summer, we can expect less clouds + as temperature is raising, less density of clouds we will have. There is some threshold, how often and how will be density changed to have cloudy days and to have clear sky above. I also simulate cloud variation, which determines how are clouds morphing (changing), which is also affected by wind speed
Picture show density of clouds during 2 years

Attached Image

This means Rain and Snow. As we have higher density of clouds there is higher chance to have higher density of drops. There are lot of chances, for example chance to start drops, to increase drops density, or to stop drops. This chances are also thresholded to not have random rain, during whole year, but to have rainy and not rainy days/hours.
Small demonstration.

Attached Image

Nothing special here, as it more rains, humidity is raising and with lower temperature it is raising faster. When there are no drops, humidity is diminishing and with higher temperature faster. Well, currently I don't know exactly how and which part of the simulation will this parameter affect.

Well, this is calculated in very easy way. If we have some clouds, and we are starting to have higher temperature, there is higher chance to Flash or Storm boom, that's it.

Main wind direction and speed is picked from global weather and it is modified per region.

Attached Image

Weather flow
(not yet implemented)
Goal is to implement weather progression across regions. I want to spread wind with direction and velocity, temperature, clouds denstity, etc... Implementation is already on paper, but I dropped it, due to reason, that I really want to finish main aspect of this simulations instead of deep weather system. So I postponed implementation till I'll have acting creatures in simulation world.

I'v attached CSV and XLS file with values from simulation for 1 year.

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Weather System

Posted by , in General 13 January 2013 - - - - - - · 842 views
projectnn, weather
After a long period, during which was project updated, I finally take courage to write a journal post here. Meanwhile, too many thing were added in to the project, but I also started from scratch. I'v decided to make better approach to base engine, which I will see later on easier implementation of all desired project tasks. Currently I'm working on server side first, which is done for "offline" testing, and also weather system is done for now. It implements about 80% of features which I want to have, but I'm trying to keep focus on main point of this project as on non less important parts Posted Image.

So weather:
Another aspect of this simulation will be also weather behavior. As world is divided into parts, each part of world will keep individual information about weather.
We will have global information about Wind direction and velocity, Temperature, Season, and so on. Each node will "somehow" modify this values to have weather zones in each region. For example, wind will move storm from east to west, or cold frontal wave will move along from north to south. Currently each node is handling Temperature, Humidity, Clouds density, Wind modifier, Raining/Snowing density. This variables are wired to each other in easy patterns.
During the "simulation year", temperature is raising and lowering accordingly. During warmer days, there are less clouds, but higher chance to create hudge storms, which will bring dense rain drops, which will increase humidity, which will lower down temperature a little bit. Higher density of clouds affect chance of rain or snow. Wind is affecting temperature too, but also move storm/raining/snowing along other parts of the world. Some regions, let's say hilly, will have lower global temperature, which leads to have more snow or rain, higher humidity, more water in soil, more water resources, when water will will be build. Characters in more dry zones, will have problem with water resources, or plantage will be less effective.
Temperature will affect also Combat part of this simulation. In higher temperatures will cold melt much more faster than in windy and cold zones, and to use fire will be less effective in colder zones.
Currently weather zones are implemented, visualization of this simulation will be added in later posts.

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