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Project NN

Creature movement

Posted by , in General 27 March 2013 - - - - - - · 841 views
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Hallo gameDev,
Recently I'v finished "game speed" property. This parameter I need to speed up some simulation parts. Now, finally, is engine working properly. I'v measured right Creature speed across different game speed settings and I'v realized that my previous algorithm was making phantom time differences in higher speeds. Currently is everything all right, and creatures are moving exactly fast in every game speed.

Something to my timer settings:
1.Main Update is runnig at 25 fps (40msec)
2.Background Update is running at 4 fps (250msec)

With speed of "2" I have updates in 125msec/20msec. Speed modifier is just divider to the timers.

Screens from right results for creature movement in speed of "1" and "2". Delta time is now correct.
Attached Image Attached Image

The brake parameter is criterion of how to slow down creature movement until they are facing right direction. More angle they need turn, more brake is needed to ther movement

Curretnly I'm working on Nature as gameObject type and its substances.

Creature stats (Combat)

Posted by , in General 03 March 2013 - - - - - - · 901 views
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Greetings, Posted Image

All this stuff is about Combat aspect of this project. There are other attributes for Survival and Social aspects, which I will introduce later. Creature is every gameObject in sandbox which has and try to uses it's brain.

Creature stats
Each creature will have its own stats which will describe it's shape for combat. I situated it in "Fantasy" scenario, so I'v was thinking about the right created stats and attributes. I was inspired by DnD, partly from WoW and other fantasy game scenarios. I ended (temporary) with these creature attributes:
Intelligence, Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Charisma and Wisdom.

These main attributes are affected by sublevel attributes:
Mana (Spell Effectivity), Melee Effectivity, Stamina, Endurance, Agility (Attack speed) , Reflexes, Perception, Resistances (Poison, Spell, Disease), Dummy (not yet covered for Charisma path) and WillPower.

Attached Image

Ok, what is the point. I needed to create same simple creature progression, so I'v used/designed this:

Creature progression and training points
Creature will progress with gaining experience. Experience will be gained through killing some other creatures, complete some task, doing their work, like farming, delivering food or something. Experience gaining model is not completed now. After each new level, creature will gain 1 training point which can be spend in trainable attributes. This are yellow fields in sheet. This trainable attributes modifies main attributes. Creature will follow one of the paths for Caster or Melee combatant

This is how look's creature level 1
Attached Image

And here, level 24
Attached Image

Creature damage
I have melee and spell damage. Till now just melee formula. I don't want to restrict weapons for certain levels like in other games. You can use any weapon which you buy, craft or you find it on the ground. Weapon has some it's damage. The final damage which it cause when you will use it is calculated by formula which achieve following result: You should use as most suitable weapon for your level to reach maximum output damage with this weapon. What is most suitable weapon ? Weapon damage requires some stats from your creature calculated by its damage. When you you are level 14 and you use weapon with base damage 2, you are not effective. When you use weapon with base damage 30, you cannot handle such a damage, so output damage will be very low. This curve is like a quadratic curve.
Formula for melle is following:
I have something similar for Spell damage, where damage will be defined by spell "somehow".

Creature Regen
All three main attributes, HitPoints, ManaPoints and StaminaPoints will regen through some activity or inactivity.

HitPoints - Through Heal spells (high regen), Resting (low regen), eating/drinking healing nutriments from bushes, flowers, etc...
ManaPoints - Through not casting, resting in calm places, reading spirit books
StaminaPoints - Resting, sleeping, walking (not running), wearing lower weights, standing

Well, that's all for now.

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