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Hostile Viking Studio Development

2: Adsense

Ding Screen

I have gotten comments that the game does not look RPGy enough. After further questioning to determine what was missing I was informed that I lacked a "Ding Screen". Therefore, I present the Portas Aurora: Arrival "Ding Screen".http://www.portasaurora.com/images/KS/DING.jpg I am sure that it needs to be modified to some degree, but for now it looks fair?A...

Character Sheet Area Update

http://www.portasaurora.com/images/KS/Charsheet5.jpg Version 1http://www.portasaurora.com/images/KS/Charsheet8.jpg Version 8 - BlueConverting the game to 1280x720 has opened up more space for information and while that can be great for players it was hard to get the space to look "right". The grey squares are Skills (smaller boxes) and Talents (larger box...

RPG Promotion Sites

Thinking about doing some promotion for your RPG? Here is some of the sites that have featured Portas Aurora: Arrival. Even if you are only looking for possible RPGs to play then this list maybe helpful...

Brief History of Development

Brief Development History:Aug. 2011 - The story behind Portas Aurora: Arrival is begunOct. 2011 - The current Engine 1.0 is writtenNov. 2011 - I built a space trader-like game that had players moving around doing the normal space trading actions, but it was fair to okay at best.Dec. 2011 - An Avatar section was added to the space trader-like game.Feb. 201...

GUI - Update

http://www.portasaurora.com/images/KS/Frigate-Stats-dev.png Continuing to upgrade Portas Aurora: Arrival's GUI to have a more "polished" look. Sadly it takes a fair amount of time.I also rearranged the stats of the ships and added a Hull Strength % at the top to allow users to have a greater understanding of how stats work in Portas Aurora: Arrival.If you...

Radically Updated Trailer Video

Thank you to everyone that gave feedback or asked questions.
If you liked the new Trailer and want to know more about Portas Aurora: Arrival Check out our Kickstarter Page
In addition if you have feedback for this video or the Kickstarter Page we would be happy to...

Welcoming Linux to the family

http://portasaurora.com/images/KS/PAA-Platforms.png Last night we welcomed Linux to the list of supported Platforms for Portas Aurora: Arrival.Hope this allows more people to enjoy the game.Portas Aurora: Arrival. Check us out on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/PBGcQK For more information check the game out at: http://www.portasaurora.com/ Facebook: https://ww...

Gameplay Footage - Dev vs. Viewer

In an earlier entry I shared the Portas Aurora: Arrival Fund Raising Pitch video. I asked people to evaluate it and provide feedback and list of points. Well after sorting through all of the feedback I realized that there is a huge difference between what I thought people would want to see and what the view demands to see.
The following are some rules for...