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Ship Control Interface Walkthru

Posted by , in Portas Aurora: Arrival 29 August 2012 · 1,097 views

Portas Aurora Arrival Space Ship Turn-Based Strategy Walkthru Feedback

I created this video in the hope that I could get some feedback on how understandable the interface for controlling a ship is in its current state.

pretty clear
Not bad, very informative and descriptive. Your game seems to have some good stuff going on with it, what do you plan to use for your particle system?
@Gailanon Thank you. Even that is helpful.

@riuthamus Honestly I am not sure. I am have only so-so artistic talent. I think I embody the follow: "[True Programmers] will often dream in code, or search for that elusive 'perfect combination' of sleep deprivation and caffeine that allows them to find their 'coding zen' where they do their best work. When they're coding, they are 150 percent there, in the moment, focused." - Alex Norton
Therefore, any suggestion you have are more then welcome.
You are making this in XNA or what? I have a few suggestions depending on what you are making the game with.
The game version in the video is running on a PHP engine I made over a bet. However, after doing a lot of research I had been thinking to take the game and build it in Unity using C#.
If there would be a better engine or Language I am up to hear suggestions.
Unity is a very good tool. PHP engine not even sure how you would do particles other than flash or java... if you go with unity they have a built in system for particles and such. Personally I would suggest messing with unity.
I have been pushing PHP to its limits for the game, but it was great to build a prototype and test ideas fast.
I have used Unity a little and I hear great things about the new 4.0 version. Still your particle effects look awesome so I may try and pick your brain for details.
*nods* not a problem, we are using C# as well so it might be possible to share the system.
Great video! :) Cannot wait to see more! I remember playing some space games in php, however they lacked position placement as the game "set" the position for your fleet.
Wondering what to do a video on next?
Any suggestions are welcome.
I agree, great video!

My suggestion for the next video would be ship stats (or however it is that you measure the difference between ship a and ship b.)
That is a great suggestion! I will begin getting the material together.
I would love to know what bonus effects you get for different fleets?

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