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Ship Stat Comparison

Portas Aurora Arrival Space
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A few people have asked about the differences between Ship Hull Classes.
Therefore, I have made a video outlining some of the differences between the Scout and Frigate Hull Classes.
I hope the video can clear some of these questions. However, if they create a few more that is great too.

Aug 31 2012 07:53 PM
Ok, the numbers make sense now, especially with the comparison to Mage Knights. My initial confusion was caused by the fact that they go down from left to right rather than up (in a standard level style system.) Then my mind went to a THAC0 style system from Dungeons and Dragons, but that didn't make sense either as all of the stats were going down.

Anyway, that makes a lot more sense now and piqued my interest as I like systems like that. Great video; very informative. Keep up the good work!
Aug 31 2012 09:53 PM
I'm glad you took my advice for using a lock! :) Looks a lot more professional, and much clearer!
Sep 01 2012 10:47 AM
Sorry I did not get back earlier. I have been drafting an completely new pitch video and it is taking tons of my time, energy and creative ability.
Programmer16: We spent a good deal of time thinking of different ways to handle the stat system in the game. Currently using a Mage Knight like dial system made the most sense because we wanted to pass on the idea that as your ship take damage they do not function as well. However, we wanted the players to be able to adjust want areas were affected the most by damages and help that be part of their strategy. On a side note, I am wondering if I should mention the fact that Mage Knights was and is an inspiration for the construction of the stat system for the game in the pitch video.

Black-Rook: Thank you for the idea of the lock. We are trying to listen to the community as much as possible in the development of the game. It has been fun for us to play and now that we want to share it with the world some of the things that made sense to us are not so clear to the world. If you have more suggestions please pass them along.

Thanks again to everyone for the feedback and encouragement.

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