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Radically Updated Trailer Video

Posted by , in Portas Aurora: Arrival 07 September 2012 · 1,081 views

Portas Aurora: Arrival Game Space RPG Ship Trailer Video
Thank you to everyone that gave feedback or asked questions.
If you liked the new Trailer and want to know more about Portas Aurora: Arrival Check out our Kickstarter Page
In addition if you have feedback for this video or the Kickstarter Page we would be happy to hear it.

I really did not realize how much people were turned off by the first combat series. I will be cutting it and replacing with an HD version.

The video still needs a better introduction and a way to link the Galactic Senate to the "Blue Assembly of Triangles".

EDIT: Updated after a few comments both from GameDev.net and other places.

Great video, and i wish you the best of luck with kickstarter.
Thank you for your comment. Out of Up votes at the moment.
I have made some updates to the video. I cut the Breakroom scene and replaced it with some new artwork. The Breakroom did not make sense after removing the voiceovers. I am still hard pressed to find a way to link the meaning of the "assembled Triangle" icon without throwing at the viewer.

EDIT: I actually have up votes, I guess someone just down voted both the Journal Entry and your comment.
I wish you the best with your project! :)
Thank you for the encouragement! I have been working for a few days on improving this video to allow views more understanding.

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