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Looking for Input on Forum Creation

Posted by , in Business / Marketing, Portas Aurora 16 June 2013 · 717 views

Forum Portas Aurora
I am gearing up to re-launch the Portas Aurora website. The site will not be for the original Portas Aurora: Arrival, but for a new game using the same IP. However, I want to add a more standard forum for the site.
I have been looking at using phpBB forum and while it has fairly good reviews I was wondering what other developers were using.
Additionally, any ideas or experiences with minimizing spammers are welcomed.

Edit: Simple Machine Forum is another management tool that I have seen rated highly.

It is good, but if you want ultimate power and control go with http://www.invisionpower.com. Keep in mind they are pricy and thus... why i said if you only wanted the serious

Thank you for the information. I will be looking into this. However, I think I will save this upgrade until I am closer to a finish project.

Check out moot.it for a nicely done solution, if your running your own server I guess discourse would be a good choice.

Thank you for the suggestion I will check it out.

I'm using SimpleMachine Forums, but I'm using it in a closed quarters type setup (most boards are team only and there are no guest capabilities.) That being said, I've been very happy with it and if I create a more open forum at some point I'll probably try SMF first.


I've never used phpBB, but it's a very common recommendation, so that would put it up there on my list of software to try.

Thank you for the input. I ended up using SMF. It just seems easier/faster to edit.

However, I sure that I will be creating my own custom forum setup later. I want something that is more integrated with the game.

Still it is a perfect solution for now, because it frees me up to work more on the game.

SMF Tip: One most remember to allow email activation for a public forum.

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