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PortasAurora.com Re-Launched

Posted by , in Portas Aurora 18 June 2013 · 1,020 views

Portas Aurora 4X MUD Web-Based Space PBBG Multiplayer
June 15th, I re-launched the PortasAurora.com website.
The website is going to be the host for the up coming game under the Portas Aurora IP.
Portas Aurora is a throwback to the era of Master of Orion 2. Its a MUD 4X turn-based strategy game set in space. You start off customizing your own race. Once you have created your race research new technologies, explore the galaxy, protect your allies and crush your enemies.
A web browser is all that's required to play, no downloads required. Do you have what it takes?

MUD means a Multi-User Domain, the precursor to MMO's.

The game with have the option to play in a single player / small group setting or in the full MUD setting.

Currently the Racial Trait Calculator is up and allows people to play around with different builds. Additionally, it provides a link to return to the build if the Race Summary function is used.

A Simple Machine Forum is up and running for people to post questions, comments and ideas for their builds.

Would enjoy hearing any comments.

Looking good so far bro, keep it up and let me know if you need anything

Thank you, but I am sure that your attention is focused on all of the details you want in your game to be polished.

I am excited to read another update on your progress.

Looks like a good start, I'll be keeping an eye on the progress :D

Thank you for the vote of confidence.

I just released a new journal entry if you want to know a bit more.

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