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Anyone have a use for some pixel art?

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During pre-production on our current title when we were defining art style and world design we built 10 characters before completely changing direction and art style. They are in various stages of completion (the human characters have all 3 directions with multiple animations such as different actions, hurt, death, etc.. while the undead characters are much less complete) but I'm wondering if anyone could get any use out of them either as placeholder art in (pre)production or even for commercial use if they wanted to. I'd much rather have some people using them (for free of course) than packed away on a backup drive somewhere considering they took time and money to build.

Posted Image Posted Image

The magenta portions of the sprites are R=B && G=0 so that way you can easily team colour them (either check for R==B&&G==0 and multiply by the target color.. or change the G channel to represent saturation and only check R==B, or whatever suits your needs). As I mentioned they are animated but you could always use them as static sprites like game board pieces or something as well.

If people could get some use out of them I'll upload all the PNG frames as well as GAL files (for GraphicsGale animation editor) with a "do whatever you want with them" license.... so let me know! Otherwise they are doomed to live out their life on the Creoterra server backup drive forever!

Sep 25 2012 09:05 PM
That is some quality pixel art, no joke.
Sep 25 2012 11:04 PM
Clever trick, the "R=B && G=0". I've never thought of that before.
Sep 25 2012 11:08 PM
Wow, this one looks pretty cool, great work.
Sep 26 2012 07:30 AM

That is some quality pixel art, no joke.

Yeah the guys that worked on it were extremely talented in pixel art production. The work wasn't done in-house but was contracted to http://www.eworkproxy.com and I must say they have a great team. One of the production managers / artists stopped by and visited while he was in Toronto and you could tell right away he has a passion for gaming and quality art.
Sep 26 2012 07:34 AM

Clever trick, the "R=B && G=0". I've never thought of that before.

Our production title isn't using pixel art but we still use this in character shaders for team colouring and changing various things on characters dynamically. It's a lot harder now though since we pre-render our models and no longer have a fixed palette and so we have some insane processing tools and PS macros that looks to see if R~=B within a set clamp and then we kill the G channel for those pixels. It wasn't fun to work out the steps or tools for figuring out what is magenta in the image and should be clamped, but it works really well now that we have the tools :)

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