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Free pixel art characters available for download

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With my last post it seemed like there might be a little interest in giving some free pixel art characters for people to use so I got everything ready and packed up. The package includes the individual png sprite frames, the .gal (graphics gale) files, and the two full character sheets. It includes ten characters with the humans nearly complete and the undead needing some additional work.

(note: you can easily select the magenta portions in the palette and color them how you want, or do it dynamically in-game by checking for R==B&&G==0 and multiplying that value by the team colour, etc)

Feel free to use them for anything you want as they are under a "do whatever you want with them" license... so either internal pre-production / stand-in artwork or for commercial use. As I mentioned in the last post I'd much rather have somebody use them instead of rotting away on our company backup server after burning capital on their production.

Download link: Attached File  creoterra_pixel_art.zip (3.05MB)
downloads: 187

For anyone that missed the last post here is a preview:

Posted Image Posted Image

Sep 26 2012 11:15 AM
High quality work you got there! I will definitely get in contact with those guys!
Sep 26 2012 11:37 AM
I highly recommend them to anyone needing artwork. I was dealing with Yue over at eWork Proxy and he was absolutely great to work with and as you can see they produce top quality pixel art.
Sep 28 2012 01:37 AM
I remember the heady days of doing work for free...

Looks pretty good though, nice they have the color so separated.
Oct 01 2012 09:29 PM
Nice! You should also toss them up on GD.net's resource section (GDNet Marketplace); you'd have to contact Michael to get access though.

Very impressive work.

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