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We have lift off!

Posted by , 26 September 2012 · 864 views

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Horizon is a 2D Space Station Simulation game. You will manage a small group of crew
on a fully customizable, every growing Space Station. Being the CEO of the company
you will make decisions such as what crew goes aboard, what equipment goes on board,
and field of research is studied and much more. All the while you will have the hand
of god as you command indivdiual crew members to do specific tasks. Managing the
Space Station's resources and handing issues is also essential to a succesfull mission.
Still in the early development the current pictures are temperary but represent the
current goal that is planned to reach.

Features we plan to implement are
  • Docking (Large scale Station customization)
  • Placing and moving equipment (Small scale Customization)
  • Interaction with various governments
  • Campaign mode with buying parts and funding
  • Health, Thirst, Oxygen, Energy, Strength, etc Meters
  • Managing power systems and oxygen creating/filtration
  • Many more

There will be ~weekly updates showing the current progress. There is no website
as of yet. To reach me for anything Email carter.ellsworth[@]gmail.com. I am the
lead creator of this game and I do all of the artwork, I will also do the programming
but I may higher a more proffessional programmer so if you are interested email me.
Thank you all for veiwing this, be sure to check back in next week! C:

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This seems like a really cool concept, will keep an eye on it
Will this be a web based game? Stand alone? What are you programming the game in?

Looks like a nice concept!
Cool! Looks neat. Look forward to following your progress. And welcome to Journal Land!
Nice. Me want moar imgs!

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