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Salty update.

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Greeting from the sunny (and disgustingly windy) beach in Croatia. It's good to get away from the regular style of life; for some reasons my productivity arises while on vacation. Only problem is the lack of the normal connection to the internet, but I've managed to snatch dad's mobile internet USB stick so I can get here on occasions, so, this journal entry will be short.

Currently, I'm trying to establish the rhythm:
  • Breakfast @ approx 9:15
  • Beach
  • Math study
  • Lunch
  • Gamedev
  • Beach
  • Physics study
  • Dinner
  • Gaming
  • Sleep at 23:00-24:00
For now, I'm more or less abiding to it. I hope I'll manage to prepare myself before next semester.
Coding update

All the major features are finished!
I'm ironing out the bugs and finishing Options screen - only setting controls ingame is now required to implement.

Aside from that, after looking through the code, I started refactoring it. Smart decision when Update method holds 50% of relevant game logic. Only problem is organizing the code; despite refactoring, the most important class still feels clunky. But readable.

Artistic update

Nothing special on this front. Sadly, the workspace here isn't suitable for practicing art... I miss my 32' TV screen and Razer Copperhead.
I'm trying some combinations for improving the HUD and message boxes.

After some talking with jbadams, I said "it's enough" content-wise and decided I'll try and sell the game once polishing is finished - at least to see and learn about marketing/distribution/PR/etc. Otherwise, I'll never stop adding new, possibly questionable, content which can be added later anyway to keep the game fresh and thus never release the game. While I don't have much time to research about that field - at least until my Math and Physics exams finish, hopefully with passing grade - I put my game on IndieDB, where I'll also update status as soon as new material to update with appears.
Thanks for reading!

Jul 24 2013 04:27 AM

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