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Freebie - CodeSync

codesync free sync
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First, I would like to share a tool developed a year or two ago to aid in sync'ing files - especially code.
You can find it at http://achild.wikidot.com/codesync

"Another file sync'ing tool?" you ask?

Well, sort of.

"But why?!" you ask?

I suppose it is better described as a folder comparison tool. It doesn't even have it's own merge functionality (you set up an external merge tool). It would be silly to try to replicate what, say, WinMerge already does. (I like WinMerge).

Maybe my google-fu stinks, but at the time I could not find a simple, quick, and straightforward tool that would compare more than 2 folder hierarchies simultaneously. ... and save my paths so I can do it again ... easily. I'm sure they exist. But I couldn't find one. So here one is. And I can be sure it has features I need. And it can be quick and easy to use. And it backs up every change in case I mess up and don't realize it until weeks later.

So if you have any need for such a thing, feel free to use this. I'm open to suggestions on any improvements, and especially to bug reports. Because I'm now releasing it publicly, there are a few minor issues that will be addresed in the near future, but it is quite usable. Do note however that it requires .NET 2.0 and therefore is a Windows only application. If it becomes insanely popular some how I may port it, but we'll cross that bridge if and when that happens.

Of course, here's a screenshot or 2:
Posted Image

Posted Image

And on that note - the next journal entry will in fact be talking about the little detail of saving file paths to resources in your game data files.

PS Can anyone tell me how to resize an image on here? I have tried multiple things but apparently I'm missing it Posted Image

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