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[Development][Intro][Hooded] Hooded revival in Python + Pygame

Hello all! It's been a while (scratch that, a long time) since I've posted, or even been active on gamedev.net! Why? Because of Computer Science Courses over Algorithms and me working on my best project yet: Hooded!

Long-time readers will remember Hooded. It was a failed 2D Platformer I programmed more than a year ago in C++. It was the game I always wan...

[Development] I've made Pong and Breakout in Pygame!

Well, I did it. Pong and Breakout in pygame!

I'm not putting Pong up, it was hacked together and I'm not very proud of it.

I am, however, putting up Breakout! I coded a finite-state-machine, a basic button GUI system, all of my states, the paddle, the ball, the bricks, all object-oriented with beautiful pygame! And everything is completely commented, wi...

Python List Comprehensions! (And Python / Pygame Update!)

Some news:

I finished Code Academy's Python track and most of their advanced non-track courses.

I've started hacking around with Pygame.

I'm finally making games again!

That last piece of news might be a surprise. I've spent most of the last few months furthuring myself as a programmer and trying to re-learn the basics. There's still a huge amount of...

P and NP: Algorithms Part One

I know I keep on going for two months and then saying "I'm not going to do it again!", however at least I have a legitimate reason this time. My computer broke. Completely. So, I bought the amazingly awesome, beefy, and fast Lenovo Y500  for development. I'm opening it on Monday http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png ! Now, I...

College, Stephen King, and Python!

I have three things:Thing One:I'm taking a online course (from Rice university :)!) called "An introduction to interactive programming in Python!".Thing Two:I'm reading my first Stephen King book! The running man :)!Thing Three:I'm learning Python!So yeah, awesomesauce :)!

[Intro] No, I'm not leaving C++!

Recently, when I talked of learning Java, many people believed I was quitting C++ because it was too hard or I didn't want to push forward. And this isn't true. I'm still actively developing in C++ and learning in C++, however I'm trying to get a more in-depth understanding of C++ than Java.And in Space Invaders news:Not much. I've been pretty focused on...

[Book] CSS3: The Missing Manual Review [Undetailed]

This will be a review of CSS3: The Missing Manual, graciously provided by O'Reilly for reviewing :)!Before I continue, let me say that this will mainly be a review of The Missing Manual format. Rather than spend many paragraphs talking about how amazing the content is, I'll cut to the chase:This book will teach you CSS3, Good Practices, Why it's Useful, a...

Taking a step forward to Java

C++ is a great language. It really is, and can be used in a variety of ways .Unfortunately, it is basically like someone took a handful of paradigms and shoved them together. We've got some procedural over here, some Object-Oriented over here, some Functional over here, and oh, look, some Templates! Oh boy, will my code look like someone made a cake. Exce...

[Beginners] How to get better? Program your algebra homework.

Being an intermediate developer, getting better is a huge focus of mine. I read e-books, program constantly, and follow established programming rules (S.O.L.I.D.), however getting better is still  hard. I've come to the conclusion that the only true way to get better is to program (following rules from books, however).How can you program constantly? You r...

[Development] DarkBASIC is Terrible, and Space Invaders!

Hello all! I have had a very long absence (Okay, it was only a month, however I still feel bad http://public.gamede...ault/tongue.png ).If you couldn't tell from the title, the first basic game I will be creating is Space Invaders!I love Space Invaders, and allows me to flex some new graphics programming muscles, including (b...