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Retro Grade

[Development][C++11] Hooded Break!

Posted by , 11 January 2013 - - - - - - · 753 views

I've been working on Hooded, and having trouble.

I don't have a firm grasp of the C++ language.

When I got the new edition of "Teach Yourself C++ in an Hour a Day", I didn't finish reading it. And that was because I wanted to read through the whole book. I got bored eight percent in, and here's why:

I'm pressuring myself. I'm making myself read throughout whole specifications and books about subjects I either already know or only need to know an area about. So, today, I have a new goal:

To read throughout all of the C++11 Chapters of "Teach Yourself C++ in an Hour a Day", and some of the class / template chapters. And the reason why is simple: I already know everything else, and I've already read at least two beginner books about everything else. I do not need to re-learn any basic information, and if I attempted reading the first few chapters, I would bore myself and give up.

This is what I'm enjoying about my new C# book, also. The title is "A Programmers Guide To C#", and it doesn't waste any time with the basics. It goes in depth, using terminology I understand from other programming languages.

Considering how many books I'm currently reading, I am taking a break from Hooded. I am also making some more basic games (Space Invaders, Tetris) using C++ before I move on. I have been having trouble with Hooded, and have concluded that many of my problems stem from an in-complete understanding of C++ and game development.

I'm sorry, however at least I've made a lot of progress over the next few weeks. My next Hooded update should include a player that you can move around!

Cheers Posted Image!