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4: Adsense

College, Stephen King, and Python!

I have three things:Thing One:I'm taking a online course (from Rice university :)!) called "An introduction to interactive programming in Python!".Thing Two:I'm reading my first Stephen King book! The running man :)!Thing Three:I'm learning Python!So yeah, awesomesauce :)!

[Intro] No, I'm not leaving C++!

Recently, when I talked of learning Java, many people believed I was quitting C++ because it was too hard or I didn't want to push forward. And this isn't true. I'm still actively developing in C++ and learning in C++, however I'm trying to get a more in-depth understanding of C++ than Java.And in Space Invaders news:Not much. I've been pretty focused on...

[Book] CSS3: The Missing Manual Review [Undetailed]

This will be a review of CSS3: The Missing Manual, graciously provided by O'Reilly for reviewing :)!Before I continue, let me say that this will mainly be a review of The Missing Manual format. Rather than spend many paragraphs talking about how amazing the content is, I'll cut to the chase:This book will teach you CSS3, Good Practices, Why it's Useful, a...

Taking a step forward to Java

C++ is a great language. It really is, and can be used in a variety of ways .Unfortunately, it is basically like someone took a handful of paradigms and shoved them together. We've got some procedural over here, some Object-Oriented over here, some Functional over here, and oh, look, some Templates! Oh boy, will my code look like someone made a cake. Exce...